Hendrik Lebon en Dirk Fryns, Polly Parrots Club in Gent

Finale 2021 Ouderen Songfestival

Dalai Lama and Franciscus Horbach 1974

Tour de Chant, Amsterdam

New York

New York

With pianist Guus Westdorp in Holland

Shelter Theater Mexico

Mexico 2016


With pianist Guus Westdorp

Triad Theater New York

Woodstock 1975

Concert in Chang Mai

Concert in Townhall New York


Concert in Groningen 2009

Thailand 2012

Concert Bangkok 2010

Chang Mai Thailand

Brain 2018

Zion Park 1998

Chang Rai Thailand

San Miguel de Allende

Pictures of MAXIME

Concert in New York

Show in New York

Concert in Mexico City 2019 with Uriel

Triad Theater with Steve Sandberg 2018

Concert in Mexico 2018

Concert in New York 2019

Concert in New York 2016

Concert in Amsterdam 2017